"God designed the arts to jump over our barriers, slip past our intellect and penetrate our hearts and souls."

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Years ago, the church was the center for the arts and learning. Today's ministry leaders are searching for meaningful ways to connect with kids and families in their communities—and the arts provide a powerful opportunity. Kids who engage in learning through the arts learn to value process. They grow in perseverance. They connect to God as Creator and Innovator. Most churches want to incorporate the arts in ministry—but may not know how. They need a reliable source for fresh, creative ideas. KidShine can help.


Join this new KidShine community for access to monthly scripts, songs or lessons; discounts on available resources; virtual administrative assistance; DIY camp partnership (formerly licensing); musical and curriculum unit.   Read more.


Bring a KidShine team to your church to direct a performing arts day camp—you supply the kids, the facility and a few volunteers. We do the rest, including bringing most of the supplies and equipment. Now scheduling for 2016 summer season.               Read more.


Let's be honest. Too often the music in Christian musicals is not that great. The good news is, there’s lots of awesome music available—don't settle for bad music. We find songs that are challenging but doable and write them into our scripts.              Read more.

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Check out KidShine's ebooks and new curriculum series with original scenes and song parodies that will have kids laughing, digging deeper in the Bible and coming back for more.  Each series includes five creative, flexible lessons for 1st-6th grade. Read more.               

What others are saying:

One of my hopes and prayers for this week was that it would be an event that blended our older elementary kids with the junior highers. These events are few and KidShine definitely blended our kids in a beautiful way. Most importantly, I was so pleased with the spiritual content—it was a powerful message about worship, praise and the gospel.
— Children's Pastor, Dallas TX
There are not enough positive adjectives to place before the word “KidShine”! I loved the people, the spirit, and the camp the first time I laid eyes on your creative and clever presentation. My admiration only continues to grow. I pray God blesses you more and more every day until the moment you go singing and dancing into His presence!
— Children's Pastor, Miami FL
We had an amazing, fabulous, spectacular, awesome, fun week. The KidShine team exceeded our expectations. Several things stood out: their positive and respectful attitudes, thankful and appreciative hearts, their genuine interest in all of our kids, patience, organizational skills, and ability to shape the kids from point zero to Friday’s performance.
— Children's Pastor, Omaha NE

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